Master Plan Public Process Temporarily Suspended

The Master Plan Steering Committee (MPSC) chairs met virtually with the Civic Moxie consultant team on Tuesday, March 17 to discuss how to proceed with the master plan engagement process given the COVID-19 pandemic situation. The master plan public engagement process will be temporarily suspended until further notice. Both the MPSC and Civic Moxie are continuing to work behind the scenes. We are planning to hold a “virtual” MPSC meeting on March 25 at 7 pm to discuss ongoing master plan efforts. Log in/dial in info will be posted on the Town website and sent out to master plan email subscribers. The MPSC chairs will be connecting with Civic Moxie again on March 30, to develop a longer-term plan for the next several months. Our goal is to continue with master planning work tasks to the extent it’s consistent with ongoing guidance about health precautions and social distancing. In the meantime, we encourage you to log on to the master plan website,, review the electronic poster boards from the March 4 meeting, and send us your feedback at

Our collective efforts to halt the spread of the Coronavirus and protect your safety are of utmost concern. Thank you for your understanding and support. As always, we encourage you to reach out and share your thoughts.

Master Plan Community Meeting March 4th, 2020


On Wednesday night, well over 100 people of all ages, including more than a dozen kids, turned out to explore the Master Plan Existing Conditions materials that CivicMoxie and the MPSC have been working on over the past few months. 32 large panels of the nine Master Plan topics, provided a comprehensive overview of Carlisle today. During March, the posters will be on display in the Library and at Town Hall, so come by at your leisure, browse, and leave your comments.

The Master Plan Existing Conditions Poster Boards are posted below.

CivicMoxie's presentation and a summary of the comments and feedback from the community meeting will be posted soon.

MP Existing Conditions_03-04-2020

Kitchen Conversations

Carlisle’s year-long master planning process is about both a tangible goal – a final master plan report – and a process to get there. Like a trip, sometimes the act of traveling is as valuable as reaching the destination. We hope this will be true of Carlisle’s master plan, and we view the opportunity for engagement with fellow citizens to be one of the most important aspects of this endeavor.

From late January through the end of February, Carlisle residents held a series of Kitchen Conversations throughout town. The goal of these events was to engage residents and gather their opinions and thoughts about the future. We were trying to do something different than carrying out a typical survey, with yes or no or check off the box responses. We were trying to go deeper and explore how residents might view trade-offs and choices about the future of the town.

We consider the effort to have been a success. Fifty- three conversations took place, with over 450 people participating. Most of these events were hosted in residents’ homes; they all involved quite a bit of legwork by hosts and participants both. Participants read our Kitchen Conversation kits and materials ahead of time and thought about the information and questions. Hosts did a ton of organizing. We are very grateful for everyone’s efforts and wish to extend a thank-you to all involved.

We have compiled most of the notes taken at the Kitchen Conversations into a large document available here on our website. There are a few sets of notes we have yet to receive, or yet to figure out how to convert to a compatible format – we will update this document to include all of the notes as soon as possible. Special thanks to Gretchen Caywood, Assistant Planner, and Maureen Adema, Assistant to the Historical Commission, for their help in assembling this information.

As always, we would like to hear from you. Email us with comments at

The Kitchen Conversation Question Kit and the Notes from individual conversations are posted below. Notes will be added to as we complete the transcribing of hand-written notes.

KC Kit
KC Notes_03-05-2020

Your Voice, Your Vision