Working Group

Master Plan Working Group members will attend meetings scheduled quarterly through May 2020, providing input and feedback on a wide range of issues and ideas. Members will help disseminate information out to others who live and work here, in order to maximize community awareness of and participation in the planning process. Master Plan Working Group will provide input to the Town throughout the master planning process. The master plan will articulate a long-term vision and goals for Carlisle that will guide planning, policy decisions, and investments in our town over the next 5-10 years.

Ralph Anderson

Laura Baliestiero

John Ballantine

Debbie Bentley

Ann Davidson

Jonathan DeKock

Karsten DeMay

Betsy Fell

John Freed

Madelyn Gambino

Adelaide Grady

Bill Harper

Kierthan Lathrop

John Lee

Jerry Lerman

Sid Levin

Mark Levitan

Lisa Mobayed

Ray Moroney

Jim O'Shea

Anita Orpitz

Ben Perry

Jennifer Saak

Beverly Shorey

Scott Simpson

Sushila Singh

Amy Smack

Travis Snell

Jonathon Stevens

Doug Stevenson

Bob Supnik

William Thornhill

Glen Urban

Angie Verge

Donna Vienneau

Debi Vigilant

Brian Waterson

David White

Launa Zimmaro