Carlisle seeks to develop a comprehensive long-range master plan that addresses both short-term needs and long-term goals for the town. The Master Plan, developed through a community process, will inform town policy, guide decision makers and inspire members of the community to participate in Carlisle’s ongoing improvement as a sustainable community.

Why do we need a master plan?

  • As the population ages, school enrollment declines, town costs rise, income and housing values stagnate and climate change looms, Carlisle needs new ideas and bold leadership to maintain our values and sustain our high quality of life. The Master Plan will create a citizen’s forum to discuss our financial, demographic, and physical challenges and opportunities with town-wide participation.

  • Every year, the BOS, FinCom, and School Committee tackle the difficult process of prioritizing the Town’s needs and associated costs without a comprehensive and long-term perspective on future investments. The Master Plan will create a road map (with targets & metrics) for the town to plan for expenditures over multiple years, prioritize future community needs and measure progress towards meeting these goals.

  • Carlisle’s land, assets and financial resources are limited: embracing the interests of stakeholders and balancing priorities through a master plan process will build consensus and manage expectations. An integrated planning approach that takes input and builds consensus among interested stakeholders will result in a comprehensive action plan that addresses both short-term needs and long-term goals.

Master Plan Process

  • Consultant-led master planning process wrapping up in 2021

  • Planning process will have three phases:

    1. Data Gathering & Analysis

    2. Master Planning Alternatives & Ideas

    3. Implementation Strategy & Documentation

  • In addition to regular meetings with the MPSC, the engagement strategy will include meetings with the key town boards and committees as well as community-wide public meetings and smaller focus groups such as the Kitchen Conversations

Master Plan Costs

  • The total budget for the Master Plan including consultant fees and ancillary Town costs are $160,000.

  • The budget for hiring a Master Plan Consultant is $135,000 including consultant expenses. This number was determined by the MPSC and is based on a scope of work mock up and research from comparable local towns who spent between $143,000 and $277,000 on their master plans.

  • The budget for ancillary Town costs is $25,000 and will include costs related to GIS mapping, community meetings, printing and materials.

What do we get with a Master Plan?

  • Strategic Road Map for prioritizing and implementing town priorities

  • Strategy to address financial, demographic, regulatory, and physical planning challenges

  • Engagement of community leaders in ongoing town improvements

  • Identification of priority projects w/ conceptual budgets & implementation steps

  • Geographical Information System (GIS) Database updated

  • Basis for comprehensive policy and zoning amendments including updating Open

  • Space/Recreation and Housing Production plans